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The Matrix Has You. The Matrix Has You.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A Masterpeice

This collab was hilarious,You guys did what was expected of you and even better. I eally loved this probably going into my favorites as a matter of fact

"There is no Spoon" by Metal Maverick:
I liked this one alot, very funny as a movie. congratulations it was a great start to a great collab. But why is there so much graffiti??
-Graphics:8 I have to say, the drawings were exellent, but comparing to other works in the same colab, you weren't really the best.
-Style: 10 The simplicity of the huor was great you put your characters in funny sitations for humor and you do it very well
-Sound:9 The voice acting was exellent good quality and everything.
-Violence:6 I dunno, the humor wasn't there, I guess Neo got hurt in the end bt it wasn't all that violent, you didn't need more anyway...
-Humor:10 The dialogue was very funny the kids made me laugh it was all great

"Chateau" by The-Super-Flash-Bros
I loved the fighting scenes, I liked the fact that you spoofed more than the matrix, overall it was great (as always)
-Graphics:10 You can draw alright, the grphics were exellent I loved them Great job
-Style:8 Wel it's the animating style here, I don't think you mixed tweening and frame by frame well, alot of the moves and flips were kinda bad.
-Sound:10 no flaws exellent qualuity and clarity. I didn't find any trouble.
-Violence:9 Only two drops aren't enough for a ten the rest was for all the fighting, it hadsome violence alright but no blood or gore
-Humor:10 it was hilarious, I laughed alot while watching this really nice

I am not going to comment on "Zion Rave" because first of all I didn't get it , but I most probably got it and it was very random and unfunny

"Burly Brawl" by Richie Zerbes
This was pure awesome, the animation was silk, the comedy wa there, I really laughed a lot and was impressed at the same time by the animation
-Graphics:10 They were great but the body parts for neo, well he kinda looked like a dummy...
-Style:10 I liked the animation the comedy was very good, it was perfect, I guess
-Sound:10 Good quality , nice music (even though it's a scene from the movie) and good voice acting 10/10
-Violence:8 not really any violence bloody wise but te beating had to hurt...
-Humor:8 It was okay, I didn't laugh my ass off but I did laugh a bit, good job

"The Architect" by Chris Boe
That was hilarious, I laughed my ass off that doll, it was really funny, I like it alot, the animation was a complete success
-Graphics:10 they were perfect, I dunno flawless, I guess. Nice 10/10
-Style:10 that was the whole animation, Style it was all that man, you are awesome
-Sound:10 oh the voice acting was superb, especially the architect boy was his voice great, the quality was alo awesome
-Violence:0 there was none
-Humor:10 It's the definition of hilarious. Exellent

"Final Fight" by Legendary Frog
LMAO that was so funny I almost wet my pants, where do you get that inspiration, possiblt my favorite part, congratz, I LOVE it, you are my hero.
-Graphics:10 perfection at it's best,the best perfect thing in perfect world
-Style:10 it was very... unique that peice and I loved it. exellent job. 10/10 for style
-Sound:10 High Quality music, High Quality voice acting,they all made that part what it is, a masterpeice
-Violence:10 What could be more gory that slaps to he face, tell me
-Humor : 10 ROFLMAO... just that

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Queers of War Queers of War

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very Well Done

I'd expect something sa good as this when all of you greats are collaborating, it was a very funny collab, even though it was a bit sick. So I thoughtI'd review each piece:

Tom Fulp:
The concept was simple and very amusing, The graphis were good , but the sound... well if you'd here it you wouldn't say someone was jerkin off. Great peice nonetheless
-Graphics:8 I've seen better drawings but yours were great anyway, alo you picked a nice background from the game
-Style:9 Like I said the concept was simple and witty, the execution was also great good job
-Sound:7 It didn't sound like he was jacking off, but it looked nice with the animation, the groar was good
-Violence :10 whats more violent than an ejaculating cock for a monster?
-Humor:8 Simple fun I lol'd

Dan Paladin:
Yours was wel... random gayness? I personally didn't like it or maybe I didn't understand it so noratings. sorry

Hilarious, I didn't expect that. I laughed my ass off whe watching. Great job
-Graphics:10 Wow the characters were perfect I never see drawinglike that alot. Exellent Job
-Style :10 Perfect execution, I love it
-Sound:8 It was good and all but in the beginning why is there such big pauses between speeches, it sounds wrong
-Violence :10 I chainsaw massavre, could I give it lessthat 10?
-Humor:10 It was hilarious, really. Great job

Dan Malo
That was pure awesome, I couldn't stop laughing and watching it again. Exellent job man.
-Graphics: 6 You're not that ood with a mouse are you Dan?I wonder how good it wouls be with a tablet
-Style:10 even though it was bad graphics you fixed it all up. Awesome execution
-Sound:10 The quality was great , the dialogue was hilarious. Perfect
-Violence:8 It was there alright but you don't see much of it so 8/10
-Humor :10 Gay Comedy at it's best

It was okay, wasn't the best n the group, had a little laugh and that's it. could be better next time
-Graphics:10 amazing drawings I rarely see better, actually I never see better
-Style:7 mm it was ok I liked it but just that.
-Sound:9 The dialogue was great and good quality, it was great. nice one on that
-Violence:5 nothing much just some squeezing I guess it hurts.
-Humor:7 Just enough to giggle, not really that mch, maybe next time.

Fucking hilarious, The concept isn't allhat great but the move.. WOW you're awesome man.
-Graphics:10 They're perfect, really perfect.
-Style:9 The concept isn't awesome but the way you did it, it was awesome, really amasterpeice
-Sound:9 It was good quality and everything so 9/10. Good job
-Violence:6 you mss all the action, but it's there alrigtht ;)
-Humor:10 LMAO

Too......random maybe? No ratings for you

Overall it was probably the best spoof I ever saw, I hope to see more collabs from you guys.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


This was a great representation of the ffects of LSD.Though I'm pretty sure these aren't the real effects, But you did make a great impression about it. I took your advice and watched it more than once,and I never got bored. You deserve the score and maybe even better


-Graphics:10 they were awesome the best I've seen,the diiferent styles from sketchy to ultimate precisiond made a huge impact with the different situations

-Style:10 I loved it the transition is awesome in this movie and the abstract parts were perfect Great job

_Sound:10 This helped alot in the movie, the music made a huge impact on the effect this movie would have. The voice acting was bad quality but I beleive it had a positive impact

-Violence:10 It had very bloody,Gory parts that fitted in well

-Humor:2 This wasn't part of your movie was it?I gave a two because of the melons part,I giggled a bit but it was more of a freaked out giigle

In conclusion this movie was a true materpeice and I have to say I love your work

Little Orphan Boy Little Orphan Boy

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Its great and all but...

It was great from almost every point of view exept it was confusing in the end... ALOT.and the jokes wern't all hilarious, but I did giggle a bit. I think you should stay with emotions instead of humor, like that LSD movie you made, it really plays with the mind while this one is just a confusing story with a bit of humor.But it still deserves recognition.
-Graphics:10 They are some of the best I've ever seen though your style is more abstract I think
-Sound:10 it's just perfect
-Violence: 9 I spose its because you have a gory scene at the poopie bar thing
-Interactivity:1 cant ignore the play and replay buttons
-Humor:6 like I said the jokes aren't great

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Sqeezy responds:

Yahh well It's full of spoofs and parodys and inside jokes. You could probably only find every damn thing about it amusing if you were me. and well Each movie of me will be something else from now on, so I won't go back to psychedilic-horror trips for the time being. Even though I dont know myself.
I can't be arsed to think about a new project yet. Gonna chill now.

Casting a Spell Casting a Spell

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Really nice

Great movie there. The grafix are awesome great use of baic shapes.The music was perfect for the movie. the simplicity of the spell and its effect made the humor of this movie .I personally like it alot.