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*Rhythm Breaker* *Rhythm Breaker*

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great track

This is a great track, I Love it, one of your best. The good about it is that it’s not so repetitive; it has a lot of diversity. The beginning of the song (the clapping) makes the listener attached from the beginning. An ever better thing about it is the rhythm, not your regular beats put together to make a tune, I felt it was special in some way, definitely a positive change. Though the screams were very annoying, I didn’t like it at all, kind of ruined it, at least for me it did. All in all it’s one of your best track I definitely recommend anyone to download it


Originality: 8 A kind of different track especially in the beginning, I like a lot the clap beginning, gives a nice start to it and is very… cool I guess? Keep it up

Clarity: 9 Oh the quality was superb truly great, although the stuff the weird guy was screaming is very indistinct it sounded like POKEMON or something that’s why you didn’t get the ten

Diversity: 10 Excellent mix of different styles, the beginning the middle and the end are very different yet the finished product is awesome. Great job

Effort: 9 I don’t know how much you put in this bt it’s a great track it, that the regular artist would take forever to make.

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ZeRo-BaSs responds:


"Axel-F 2007" - Reason3.0 "Axel-F 2007" - Reason3.0

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This track you got here is a masterpiece, it has a very enjoyable tune. You've transformed Axel F and may I say you made it of complete different genre that some people (including me) find better than the original. it's much calmer and is much less crowded.

Originality:10 Now, I know the song is already done, but the transformation is completely new, it makes it a new song. Very Good Job

Diversity:10 part bass part electronic within a pop context it is awesome. you deserve 10/10

Clarity: 10 the sound quality was great the beat was at a steady rate, very clear no mixing problems. 10/10

Effort:8 it was original and everything and I spose it took you time to find the right beat but other than that the execution couldn't have taken rthat much effort

XayberOptix responds:

Cool review! Breaking down those 4 parts is very helpful to me. I appreciate your time. I'm glad you enjoyed listening to this piece although it is just a remake of a classic tune. Again, Thanks!

Emerge From Darkness Emerge From Darkness

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Awesome Track

Great track there Quickbeam, I really like it. the pace is exellent. Also you got a great set of instruments in that song. The rythm is great, and so is the quality. Overall, you have a awesome track in there probably a favorite

Originality:8 It was more than you average heavy metal track, and the tune is realy awesome. I don't hear much like that

Clarity:8 te quality is great, you can tell all of the instuments. But I really think that the dums are a bit covering the uitar sound. but it didn't affect the track overall quality much

Diversity:9 I like the multiple tunes in this, and the way you switch between them is also great.

Effort:9 You said you didn't work on it enough but I think you put alot of effort in this, the final result is great congratulations

Quickbeam responds:

But I could have put so much more effort into it if i had waited 3 days. Oh well, at least it's got a good score, For Now at least...

-The Grendel- -The Grendel-

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I enjoyed this track alot, it's a great job, one of your great works, I especially like the Style in there, , the voice has a metal feel to it in the punk background. Also the intro to it was very well done wasn't too hard on the ears but blended with the pace of the song very well.
Originality:8 Like I said the Style wa great and it was a great track considering your metal style
Clarity: 6 Well the music quality was great but the words were sometime inaudible but good nonetheless
Diversity:9 Yes you have alot of that, the intro to the middle of the song then a transition, it was all well put togther too

In all Great Job!

Quickbeam responds:

Thanks for the review man, It means alot to me.